About Us

Socks are a part of life, we all gotta have them, as life is much more comfortable with socks. But here at Mail Sox In A Box, we don't believe socks should be boring. We believe that no matter what your stressful job or life maybe there can still be a party going on down at your feet. 

Socks can give personality. You might be an Accountant, a Professor, a Doctor but even though your job might be serious we all have that fun side. Let your workmates just get a sneak peak of the party animal that lies within.

Mail Sox In A Box is an Australian company and we pride ourselves on beautifully  made funky dress socks. You have the convenience of shopping online as most busy people are so time poor. Our subscriptions allow you have monthly socks delivered straight to your door. We add the excitement level of What have we sent you this month?  and that lovely element of surprise. 

We also have Sox Gift Box that you can buy for a friend or family member on those special occasions. You can even buy them a subscription box so they never run out of Funky socks again. The Soxy Singles are a great idea for small unique socks for work mates, family & friends.